London show

Happy touristy faces

Twelve hours of post-hardcore music + sitting drinking in a train station like bums + being stuck in Balsberg for what felt like a lifetime + a hairdryer and some broken biscuits = one proper smelly band.

After a rather drunken and exhausting weekend in Switzerland, we're back in the UK and straight back to work on songs for our second album. We'd like to thank everyone who stayed until the rather ungodly hour of 2am to watch our set at Deadline Festival and to the gaggle of drunken girls who provided some much needed laughter!

Now, for those of you down London way, we may have a one-off show coming up on Tuesday April 10th - this show is not confirmed, but we wanted to give you the heads up to keep the date free just in case! We'll post more info as soon as we can...

For anyone who hasn't heard, our new EP 'As Our Blood Separates' - is available to stream on the 'listen' page of the Midas Fall site. There are still a few limited CD copies of AOBS left available to buy only from ourwebshop! For those of you who prefer a digital copies the EP is also available through the usual outlets, iTunes, Amazon, etc.