Cold Waves Divide Us

Distorted Sound (8/10): “…a beautifully emotive statement.”

Powerplay (10/10):  “…a glowing post/alt/progressive (does the label really matter?) masterclass.”

Maximum Volume (9/10): 'I was really blown away with `Cold Waves Divide Us`  and found myself quite overwhelmed at times at its stark aural beauty’

Uber Rock: 'a starkly beautiful album'

Already Heard:  “a majestic album that ebbs and flows with grace.”

Prog Magazine:  “whichever way the mood swings, it’s rarely less than all-embracing.”

Echoes and Dust: '…a truly special release this year and amongst the band’s output thus far.’

The Razor’s Edge: ‘Both fragile and ferocious, here is a musical journey that will be a treat to retread time and again.’

The Progressive Aspect: 'Midas Fall skilfully present ideas and emotions in beautiful and dramatic sound frameworks, sweeping from loud to soft, dark to light with such smooth grace and controlled power’

Musipedia of Metal (9/10): 'Midas Fall takes us through an astral plane of emotional sections that are projected at us by ambient layers of guitars, dynamic drum parts and cinematic synths.’

Legacy Magazine (Germany) 9/10


Sonic Seducer (Germany) – ALBUM OF THE MONTH

Classic Rock (Germany): “sounds almost as if Portishead had found their legitimate successor.”

Rock Hard Magazine (Germany) (9/10): “It flows beautifully, magically and flawlessly.” (Germany) (8/10)

Powermetal (Germany) (9/10): “…a soundtrack that is hard to beat in terms of bittersweet beauty”

FUZE (Germany): “A contrast between the beauty and darkness of this world that strikes a chord with the times”

SLAM Magazine (Germany) (9/10): “"Cold Waves Divide Us"…offers head cinema for many pleasant hours and proves once again that hardly anyone can hold a candle to MIDAS FALL in this area.”

Female Voices (Germany): “an excellent album with a dark progressive heart.”

The Beat (Germany): “Between shimmering, ethereal moments and brute walls of sound, Midas Fall make full use of the dynamic spectrum…RIYL The Gathering, Mogwai and Ólafur Arnalds”

Handwritten Magazine (Germany): “Recommended for fans of good dark alternative wave punk”

Visions Magazine (Germany): "Cold Waves Divide Us" revels in the infinite expanse of a soundscape that is cool, unchanging and ennervatingly beautiful”

Rock Nation (Italy): “an ambitious work that fully stands among the most important on the current European prog scene.”

Grind on the Road (Italy): “…splendid, passionate, capable of captivating the listener and giving life to lyrics that are as vulnerable as they are sincere, in which it is a delight to get lost and identify with… Midas Fall not only confirm their talent, but elevate it to new heights.”




“Ethereal, haunting and bewitching. They work on another plane, post rock melancholy with the icy beauty associated with the electronica of Olafur Arnalds. Their music makes you feel like you are tethered to a thousand ballons and are being pulled happily into an endless blue sky above. One of the bands most notable features is her remarkable voice that’s combines the otherworldly oddness of Bat for Lashes with the purity of Anneke van Giersbergen. Forlorn and full of hope and encapsulates a yearning like no other record of recent times”  - Prog Magazine


"With such a unique and genuine sound, Midas Fall have created an album of truly beautiful scope. Sorrowful, primal, taking on the best inflections of folk and post-alt sounds and yet the heart of ambient electronia, Evaporate is some of their best work to date. Masterfully crafted, each song is a special moment filled with emotion and connection that you’ll be hard pressed to forget.." - Distorted Sound Magazine


"If Alcest quietened down a bit and made a record with Kate Bush. If beautiful, Gothic, shimmering and haunting loveliness is your thing, you must buy it. Like I said, beautiful." - Prog Radar


"Bending genres in fragile assertion, Midas Fall sculpt a ravishingly angelic seascape of notable personality; twinkling post-rock mirages seamlessly caress elements of synth-wave, interwoven delicately with the gloaming of gothic melancholy." - The Playground


"Midas Fall are one of the most powerfully emotive and original bands to emerge in recent years, and whilst their work has always been rich with imagery and willing to grow and metamorphose, Evaporate marks a new high water mark for the band. Quite simply, it is their best work to date: it feels more mature, and yet at the same time more adventurous, more ambitious. Emotionally draining, sonically dramatic, Evaporate is the sound of a band who have truly come of age." -  Echoes and Dust


“The album itself is a single amazing experience from beginning to end.  It is ghostly, shadowy, and absolutely heart-aching. You will lose yourself in this record" - The Prog Mind



'The Menagerie Inside will not disappoint. Sit down, plug in, and be prepared for an onslaught on your emotions. Both musically and lyrically.” – Echoes and Dust

“Their best and most accomplished album yet…I hope this is the record that finally takes Midas Fall to the heights of commercial success they so richly deserve. 4.5/5.” – 17 Seconds 

“A beautiful, lonely, haunting, abrasive, intelligent set of songs by a band who really do deserve the future to be theirs. 9/10.” – Reflections of Darkness 

"The Menagerie Inside bridges prog and dreampop in a way that hasn't quite been done this way before…a splendid album.” – Pop Matters 

“Taut, emotive instrumental drama pervading the album is balanced by Heaton’s rich, bright tone…a breathtaking album…” – Factory Worker Media

"Concrete compositions and gripping performances" - Rocking GR


“Midas Fall effectively carry the cinematic air of bands like Oceansize and Aereogramme, but their most striking feature lies in Elizabeth Heaton's dramatic, impassioned vocal performances. A welcome addition to an increasingly complex post-rock map.” – The Skinny (UK)

“Wilderness" flows by seamlessly, impressive and skin-tingling, ‘Wilderness’ delivers, track by track, play by play and catapults the band well over the looming fear of that-one-album-band and sends them soaring to new heights.” – Rocking GR (Greece)

“A real explosion of images and sensations. A wonderful musical journey.” – Music Velocity (UK)

“Heaton’s vocal is so strong and so beautifully pure and whilst Heaton’s voice may be jaw-droppingly beautiful, it’s also the dazzling nature of the song-writing and the shimmering but nuanced production that marks them out as a very special proposition indeed.” – The Von Pip Musical Express (UK)

“Its mixture of post rock, indie and electronic combines to make one excellently atmospheric backdrop for the beautiful and expressive vocals. I know it's only March, but possibly my album of the year.” Sputnik Music (UK)

“Their sound is evolving in good way. Enjoy! 5/5” – Music Is Amazing (UK)

“A welcome return and a step forward and one which begs to be played again and again.” – 17 Seconds Records (UK)

“What was ‘Takk’ for Sigur Ros is ‘Wilderness’ to MIDAS FALL. Deeply emotional. 9/10” – Avopolis (Greece)

“Personal and recognizable, carefully shaped, powerful post-rock, softened by pastel tones of vocalist Elizabeth Heaton.” – Impatto Sonoro (Italy)

“Midas Fall has certainly written a triumphant record, one that showcases how to write beautifully poignant songs. While many bands offer up cheap thrills or cliché lyricisms to grab fans, these Scots highlight how best to win over fans: write some damn fine music. 4/5” – Decoy Music (USA)


"Haunting and tender, melodious and powerful, As Our Blood Separates is an aqueous compilation that showcases Midas Fall’s ability to completely infiltrate the artfully put together you can tell no note or sound was left unexamined...fluid and moving, it will stay with you long after the echo of its final piano chord has faded." - Substream Magazine (USA)

"Midas Fall are excellent providers of chiming vocal led post-rock and deserve extra credit for steering clear of many of the genre's most notorious clichés. Never do they stray into the overlong territory that even legends such as Explosions in the Sky have failed to avoid in recent years, which, for a band still touring their debut album is even more impressive. The vocals are gorgeous and th propulsive rhythms and shimmering guitars make the band a genuinely wonderful way to start off the evening." - Subba Cultcha (Live review at the Garage, April 2012)

"As Our Blood Separates" proves that "Eleven. Return And Revert" was not an accidental success, but the conscious effort of some very talented musicians who deserve our support." - Rocking GR magazine (Greece)

"Powerful yet fragile, devastatingly beautiful and beautifully devastating, ‘As Our Blood Separates’ is one of the very best post-rock releases put together by one of the most underrated bands around." - The Founder (UK)

"...An elegant blend of progressive, shoegaze with the gothic and beguiling voice of Elizabeth Heaton providing the icing on the cake." - Schallgrenzen (Germany)

"Back in 2010 I described them as haunting and heartbreaking -and I continue to stand by that. Elizabeth Heaton’s vocals still send a shiver down my spine…" - 17 Seconds (UK)

"Midas Fall seem to have the gift to turn all they touch into sonic gems. In short, they have proved that their 2010 debut album was no fluke." Zillo Magazine (Germany)

"If you want to take on a song already re-invented definitively by Johnny Cash, you better have the voice for it. Elizabeth Heaton has that voice." - Billings Gazette (USA)

"Carnival Song has the word epic written all over it. Is the world ready for a female-fronted U2? You bet we are...get out your wallets and purses, friends, “As Our Blood Separates” is a must buy." - Dante's Prog Blog (USA)


"Fronted by inimitable Elizabeth Heaton, she surprises with a strong display of vocals, asserting her position throughout the album...the debut from this Edinburgh quintet remains an engrossing listen..." Rock Sound magazine

"Amidst the atmosphere and drones, there is a poetry, with a sad voice juxtaposed. The album closes the album with a bang, with a note that resonates even after the music has stopped." - The 405

"There are some bands with such an epic sound that it makes them unforgettable, and Edinburgh’s Midas Fall fit the bill perfectly. Eleven Return And Revert feels so good on the ears. The band has such a beautiful sound while being able to craft flame-broiled climaxes and currents of surging rumbles. They put inspiration back into songcrafting." - Ultimate Guitar

"It’s bold, it’s tense, it’s melodic, haunting, driven, and, best of all, intriguing. All this is coupled with the striking vocals of Elizabeth Heaton. It’s the kind of singing that echoes somewhere close to the heart, maybe the mind, but perhaps more appropriately, the spine." - Verbicide Magazine

"Midas Fall has crafted a great piece of art with Eleven. Return and Revert, and just like Edinburgh’s stunning architecture, the band’s music stands out like a beautiful landmark...captivating and eerie...a heartbreaking masterpiece..." Delusions of Adequacy

"Listening to the album is an intentionally dark experience but there’s no sense of contrivance or insincerity and there’s a lot to admire in the complexity of song structure and harmony. ‘My Radio Star’ and ‘Nautical Song’ in particular, are stunningly accomplished and demonstrate hallmarks of the band’s sound.

Eleven…is an overwhelmingly enjoyable and notably competent debut and shows a band with an intricate understanding of their own style. The challenge will be to go even better than this in future." - 9/10, Is This Music?

"Post-rock goodness with a haunting female vocal that puts me in mind of Liz Frazer (Massive Attack)...very beautiful and emotive..." - Gill Mills, NME Radio / Best Of MySpace Podcast

"From the first bars to the last beats, Midas Fall’s Eleven. Return and Revert is an album I can’t get enough of. The complexity of musical depth and the authenticity of emotion is stunning." Rock 'n Roll Ghost

"Normally words like melodic and haunting in press releases are bywords for bland, but in this case, these adjectives are compliments. I sincerely hope that not only the Scottish blogging community but the Scottish music loving populace and further afield will take them to their hearts. They deserve it." 17 Seconds

"Haunting and heartbreaking...with elements of Mogwai, Radiohead and Portishead being heard, Midas Fall are able to carve out their own originality... Unlike some bands who fall into the trap of ripping their influences off, this band put them to good use." 10/13 Room Thirteen

"There are some mesmerising moments in their alternative rock repertoire, which is shaped by Elizabeth Heaton’s elastic vocals (which in their mellower moments recall Beth Gibbons’ blood-curdling croon) and Rowan Burn’s fluid guitar-work, and the band show bags of potential." Earz Mag